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Linyi principal plastic products Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, with advanced production equipment and Korean quality testing equipment, forming a one-stop production capacity and technology from raw materials to finished products.

It mainly produces polypropylene, polyethylene round steel wire, flat steel wire plastic rope, polyethylene mesh bag, mesh tear film line, this line, straw rope and high strength polypropylene rope, polyester cord, blended rope and so on. We can produce all kinds of ropes, and we can also process mesh fibers.

If you have any intention, please contact us. Upon receipt of your request or sample, we can try our best to serve you according to your standard.

About the price, we can telephone contact or interview, different products, the price is not the same. As for quality, we need to ensure high quality, high standard and high specification. In the transportation industry, as one of the large wholesale cities, our logistics here is very perfect to ensure timely delivery. We have high-tech production equipment to meet the needs of customers. Factory director Zhang principal is willing to work with customers all over the world to create the future together!

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